Lights Under Car Neon Underglow LED Strip

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LED underglow lights for cars light up the bottom of your vehicle. If you’re a fan of colors, the neon lights under car are definitely something for you. They will give you the full ambiance and the atmosphere you’re up to. The led underglow lights are compatible with all kinds of cars and trucks.

  • Compared with ordinary colorful chassis lights, the streamer version has more functions. The streamer effect is better and cooler than the regular version. Multiple color combinations and multiple lighting modes make your car more outstanding.
  • High-quality waterproof underglow lights for the car can be easily bent, folded, wound, and fixed in place. Very suitable for under-the-wheel arches, around the front grille, under the foot holes, in the trunk, dashboard, etc., light up the bottom of your car.
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14 reviews for Lights Under Car Neon Underglow LED Strip







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    Just what i needed

    So far so good this is the second set of these that I’ve ordered now I have a thing for glowy lights guess it’s because I grew up in the Fast and the Furious days but my first set I put on my quad and my kids quad wired him right up to the 12 volt battery really fun at night to shine up with lights on the quads they said I ordered was for our sand rail just nice little accent lights the bikes in the sand rails get wet every once in awhile and I have yet to have a problem I also have two of them out of the set under the dash in the car no problems at all they’re pretty bright for how small they are and the 3M tape that’s on them is very sticky once their there they’re staying there same as for the quad in the sand rail I wipe down the frame rail where I was putting them and then stuck them directly to the frame rail they seem to stay no problem I’m not worried about them falling off plus for the price the little kit you get a bunch of little lights I think it’s a valuable deal

    June 27, 2022
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    Very cool item. The install is straight forward and the tricky thing is to find the spots on your vehicle you want to mount it at. The app is very easy to use and the results of a cool looking car glow is expected and delivers as such. Overall, impressed and happy.

    June 25, 2022
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    I love it. Super vibrant colors and easy to attach. Took roughly 45 minutes. Installed them on a lifted Toyota Tacoma they look great!

    June 24, 2022
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    First of all the installation is so easy and the 3m tape stick so strong. The under car neon lights are very bright and easy to change the colors, the app for this light are fast and easy to use.

    June 23, 2022
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    Great underglow lights for an amazing price. The lights were not hard to install at all. The adhesive stuck right now nicely and easily. The lights are super bright but can be controlled from the app it comes with. They also offer almost any color you want.

    June 22, 2022

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