Car Rear View Mirror Camera with Backup Camera


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Front 1080P car DVR stream media rearview mirror 1080p Backup camera. 10-inch full-view touch screen with 2.5D curved glass mirror. Clear and smooth images are delivered without delay, and the color is more expressive!

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The streaming rearview mirror uses a full screen instead of the original viewing mirror. The rear image of the vehicle is displayed on the screen in real-time through the camera. Compared with the rearview mirror, it is less affected by bad weather and has a clear view. Full-screen display and 3x rearview to expand the driver’s field of vision. Keep your driving safe.

mirror dash cam

car mirror dashcamcar dashcam

Time-lapse video

Time-lapse video can be continuously recorded for 24 hours, more secure and convenient​

Easy to look back at the video.

No need to format the memory card often.

(Note: Need to buy DVR Power Box)


Screen viewing angle adjustable
You can adjust the appropriate angle of view by long-pressing the screen and moving your finger up and down.

car rear view mirror camera

Gently swipe to switch views
You can switch views by swiping your finger left or right. It contains 3 views: front view, rear view, front & rearview.

car mirror dash cam

10 Inch Full View Screen
10-inch full-view touch screen with 2.5D curved glass mirror. Clear and smooth images are delivered without delay, and the color is more expressive!

10 inch mirror dashcam

6 optical glass lenses
6 layers of an optical lens, Intelligent anti-shake, capture high-quality screen.

6 optical glass lenses

Front camera design
With this thoughtful Jansite front lens design, you no longer have to worry about the rain sensor touching the DVR’s field of view.

front camera

170-degree wide-angle
With a 170-degree wide-angle lens, the camera can comfortably monitor 3 lanes. This camera has no blind spots. Enjoy your journey and achieve accurate and detailed captures.

170 degree wide anglewide angle lens
Support night vision function
Using a large aperture night vision lens, while the camera chip built-in night vision processing function.

mirror dash cam with night vision

Automatic reverse safety parking
When the car is reversing, the device automatically switches to the rear camera image view through a 10-inch full-mirror screen. It comes with high-quality images that help identify important details such as license plates, driver movements and road functions that may prove your innocence.

automatic reverse safety parking

Loop Recording
Automatically overwrite the previous recordings with new files except for locked files when the memory card is full.

G-Sensor can lock up current DVR recovering during critical moments (such as car accidents), thus protecting your high-quality recordings.

24 Hours Parking Monitor
If DVR be shocked by any external forces like a thief while parking, it’s Parking Mode function will turn on to recording automatically ( Warm reminder, it should be used with power cable )


Important tips on the TF card
Car camera HD 1080P video recording, the high demand in the TF card. In order to ensure the normal use of the DVR, you need a TF card with a high read and write speed. C10 high-speed card recommended you must ensure that the TF card is good. If you use a low-quality TF card, the camera may not work properly.
The DVR supports up to 128G SD cards and can store more videos.

car mirror camera

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    So I would like to start off with the easy installation part. I purchased this car mirror camera for my mom’s jeep wrangler as a birthday gift. One thing I didn’t know was that you need to wire the backup camera to your reverse light cord/wire in the car. I’m not going to pretend like I even know where it is nor did I want to screw up the cords/lights of the car. My second thought was if try to install it myself will that void the warranty on her jeep? The answer was “yes” from the dealership unless they install it. Their installation cost was $321.50. With that said they professionally installed it to where there were no cords visible and let me tell you that sucker looks nice. I’m personally glad it was professionally installed and I would rather pay that price to keep her car under full factory warranty. The picture quality is Incredible. The mirror itself is very easy to use and you can easily access the numerous settings. The touch screen works well. I personally downloaded and printed the instruction manual because it did not come with one explaining the settings, such as the gravity sensor feature or that the parking monitor is set to off by default. The reverse camera works well. Overall I am very happy with this purchase and look forward to getting one for myself.

    March 5, 2020
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    This dual dash cam with back up camera works great. It has larger 10 in screen that is a touch screen. Its 1080p/1080p system and images and video are super clean. The item seems well built and sturdy. It has night vision and park line assist when using back up camera. Its sensor and parking motion detection works great. Extra security to keep the video going in case of accident. My favorite is the screen itself is large and the view is great even at night. The only con is where the backup camera plugs in could be a better adapter but it seems most of the systems use this same plug. Great product.

    January 26, 2020
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    Great 1080p front and rear camera system. Setup was very easy in my Hyundai Sonata, including running the rear camera from inside the back window to the front. The Sonata seems like it’s made to run the cable in the roof grooves. The system GUI (menu and configuration) is very User friendly and easy to navigate through. The touch screen is very responsive also. I have a built-in backup camera which is why I wanted, and mounted, a rear camera inside the car. I really like being able to leave the rear camera on while driving and now use it as my permanent rear view mirror because the 170 degree wide angle allows me to see more than my normal rear view mirror.

    January 8, 2020
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    So far this is my most favorite dashcam I’ve owned. It has a very nice touch screen, good sensitivity, easy to configure the setting and switch back and forth from the front and read the camera. Can use it to replay recorded video or pictures effortlessly. Video quality is super during daytime as well as at night time with its IR lights. I love the rear mirror strap on much better, no more falling off the windshield on hot days. It also comes with a GPS unit that records your current location for more accuracy. My best dash so far!!!

    December 26, 2019
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    I was so excited to get my dash cam. It was very easy to use. I had my husband install it since I’m not good with cars and I didn’t want to mess up anything. He said as long as you know what you’re doing it’s very easy to install and hook up. When I 1st received that I was afraid that the quality of the image was not going to be good as I read in some of the reviews but I was surprised to notice that it is very good quality especially the video and audio. I also like that the dash cam can be extended outwards so you can fit perfectly in the rear view mirror. The backup camera was very easy to use and the wire was very long that it reached the back of my trunk. Just by swiping your finger across the screen and it will switch cameras.

    April 3, 2019

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