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Shop car led lights online. We provide car led lights interior, led car lights strips, star lights for car, car lights underglow, etc.

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Car LED Lights

If you are looking for car lights to make your vehicle lights more light up or make your car interior looks more personalized. The car LED lights are the best choice. They come with wide use both interior and exterior of your car. We offer a variety of car LED lights, including LED car lights strips, led car interior lights, led car under glow kit, etc.

Are car LED lights legal?

Install car LED lights inside your car is not illegal. But when it comes to the headlights on your car in the US, they must use a sealed beam or halogen bulbs from the factory because the brighter LED headlights will be making it harder to see when you’re driving. When installing custom, interior car lights are legal. You can get creative with these single or multi-color car interior lights.

LED Car Lights Strips

LED car lights strips can add decoration to your car’s interior or exterior and show off the eye-catching strands. They offer many design options. A long flexible LED lights strip can be used to illuminate any surface on the car inside or outside in single color or multi-color that you love. Or even you can use blue or red car led lights exterior to provide a funky street glow that gets you noticed on the road. Regardless you are looking for a simple LED light kit for your car or need multi-color lights. Here always an LED led exterior lights for your car.

LED Car Interior Lights

Our interior car lights create a romantic inside a car with multi-color or single color remote control. These car led lights for the interior are flexible and allow you to illuminate any areas of your car interior, such under your dashboard, doors, seats, etc. You can even install these car led lights under the car.

How to Install LED Lights in Your Car’s Interior

How do you install LED lights inside a car? This article only talks about the general installation and does not show how to replace your specific car lights.

It is helpful to decide where you need to add car lights strips, which determines how many lights you will need. And then determine the methods of install. The simplest way is using double-sided tape. Once you get all the tools and materials you prepare for installation, start your customize projects now.

1. Plug in the plug, turn on the switch and try the light with the remote control;
2. Tear off the protective film of double-sided adhesive tape;
3. Stick a short line light strip at the foot of the front row and a long line light strip under the front seat;
4. The wire is hidden under the foot pad and plugged into the gap, and the installation is completed.

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