Rear View Mirror Dash Cam with Backup Camera

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With the dual camera, the flexible front 1080p camera + the waterproof rear 720p camera. The rear lens is super waterproof IPX68, whether it is cloudy or rainy, it can clearly tell you what is happening behind the car.

With Accurate auxiliary lines. You will be able to reverse your car more easily. Built-in LDWS (Lane Deviation Warning System), When your car leaves the lane, it sounds an alarm. Built-in FCW (Front Collision Warning), When your car and the car in front are too close, the recorder will emit di, di, di… sounds, please control the distance in time to avoid accidents.

When connected to the GPS module, it accurately records your driving position and driving trajectory, and supports playback on your computer.(Does not include GPS module.)

Adopts the industry-leading 8339IC and front and rear SC2363s sensors. With Anti-glare and WDR technology, it handles exposure and low light very well, giving you the best image.

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Original rearview mirror vision blind spot exists. For example, Rainy days, the rear windshield is water droplets and stains, affecting sight. Foggy days, too many people inside the car or piled goods obscured the sight and so on. These reasons will lead to blind spots in the original rear-view mirror, resulting in traffic accidents. Use streaming media mirror, can be a good way to avoid these problems. At the same time, there is a broader perspective and a clearer picture.

10 Inch 1080P View Screen

Mirror Dash Cam with a 10-inch Full View Touch Screen provides crystal image without any delay. Very clear and smooth images display as a stream flowing on the excellent WDR and Auto Adjusting Brightness Streaming Mirror. Ever incredible user experience!


Advanced Driver Assistance System with forwarding Collision Warning Forward collision warning or collision avoidance is by far the most important type of ADAS you can get in a dashcam. The sensors can sense the proximity of vehicles or other obstructions ahead, such as animals, pedestrians or roadway obstructions.

ADAS with Lane Departure Warning What you will love about the lane departure warning is that it triggers right before you are about to sleep or when making a sudden movement. However, if the system determines that you are drifting, it sounds a specific alarm so that you can take corrective actions.

Super Night Vision

AZDOME PG-02 dash cam features a 6 all-glass high-resolution lens,industry leading F1.8 aperture,high sensitivity image sensor,to ensure excellent night vision. It’s better than other mirror dashcams who shows especially in low light or backlight condition.

Loop Recording
With loop recording enabled, users will have the option to record videos in loops of 3 / 5 / 10-minute video files, and record it on the TF card until space is exhausted. Then, the oldest file will be automatically overwritten. But, corresponding to gravity sensing, motion detection, parking monitoring or emergency files can not be automatically overwritten.

Built-in Gravity Sensor
The G sensor is used to sense if the car has collided. When the car collides, the recorder will automatically record and lock the video of the collision, which will be your effective evidence of car insurance.

Parking Monitor
After parking, connect the recorder to the car battery using a hard-wired kit and the dash cam will enter parking mode. It will automatically record moving objects near the car, and car destroyers/thieves have nowhere to hide.

24-Hours Parking Monitor works on an internal battery. If someone hits your car and impact reaches the G- Sensor Level, then the camera will turn ON and record 1-min video, then LOCKS IT & SAVES IT… The camera will give you Voice Alert the next time it starts stating: The Parking Mode Got Activated While You Were Away. So you know to check the last saved video file to see who crashed your car.

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    I went through a bunch of rearview mirror dash cams before I finally settled on this one. I was impressed with the replay video function on the dash cam and that it was full screen. That’s what sold me on this one. The installation was a breeze for myself being that I am a veteran technician and if you aren’t one it still should not be that difficult at all.

    March 16, 2020
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    I do not regret buying this dash cam at all. The day time picture quality is great. Night time is not the best but still good. The interface is very intuitive, really easy to use. I’m glad I picked one that goes over the rearview mirror rather than one that actually attaches to your dash or windshield blocking your vision. Unless you point it out to somebody they don’t even know you have a dashcam. Overall I’m really happy with this camera. I’d recommend it to anybody.

    March 12, 2020
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    Love this rearview mirror camera, I have purchased several of the dash cams made by other brands, this 10” is the best yet super easy to use. If you can navigate a smartphone u will have no problem with this.

    March 7, 2020
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    This camera/monitor is fantastic! the monitor takes up the full space of the mirror is great. It looks very nice. I was a little worried that if I needed to use the actual mirror that it would be a pain to turn off so I could see. Not so! What is so cool about this mirror is that it displays the video image and is still reflective. So, all you have to do is change where you focus your eyes, and you can perfectly see the video image, and then the reflected image. Very cool.
    You can actually use your finger to scan the image up and down. Because of the widescreen, the image is cut off on the top a d bottom, BUT you can drag your finger on the screen to see higher or lower, and it records everything, not just what you see.

    March 2, 2020
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    This is a FANTASTIC mirror camera for both front and rear viewing/recording! The installation was easy, the supplies were organized, and the setup was a breeze. I replaced a windshield-mounted camera with this one, and so far I am happy I did. I also was able to add a rear camera using this unit, and it’s amazing.

    February 27, 2020

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