The Guide to Choose The Best Car Interior Lights

If you want to customize the ambient lighting for your car interior, why not install led car interior lights. There are many plug-and-play led strip lights for car interiors in the market. You can buy multi-color interior car lights that go with music that can be controlled by app or remote. With these led car interior light kits, your car will have ambiance lighting similar to a nightclub. Keep reading on to find the best led car interior lights.

What are the interior lights in a car called?

Car interior lights are usually LED lights that you can install in your car’s interior. There are many types of car interior lights you can choose from. These led lights allow you to illuminate your car interior, such as dashboard, door, dome, trunk, etc. Installing these car interior lights, you will be able to get more creative, not only showing off your personality but also making your car stand out.

Are car interior lights worth it?

The most often used car interior lights are led light strips, but there are other types to choose from. Such as the led tube. LED light strips are one of the most widely used types in the car interior. That is because they are easy to install and easy to use. You don’t need to connect them to your car battery. Only plug them into the cigarette lighter. LED light strips also can last longer than other lights.

How to Choose Car Interior Lights

How to choose the best led interior lights for cars is easy. That is because LED lights strips are flexible designs that can be applied to almost all cars. In addition, they are cheaper. Therefore, you only need to choose them according to your budget and requires. Here list some factors that you should keep in mind when buying car interior lights.

  • Colors

Bear in mind that LED light’s color is the most important factor you should consider. After all, the purpose of you to install led lights is to make your car’s interior ambiance lighting more color and cool. Therefore, the multi-color car lights strip is a good choice. 

Moreover, if you want to make your car’s interior more exciting, choose the car light strips that can go flashing with your music’s tempo. That way, these led lights will match your music’s ambiance within your car.

  • Power Supply

If you need to install led light strips in your car interior, the lights will need a power supply, which can affect your vehicle’s battery life. So, make sure the lights that you’ll purchase can be operated at 12v. As such, they can be powered by your car cigarette lighter. With that in mind, you’d better pay more attention to the light voltage.

  • Easy to install

Here we recommend you choose the one that with double-sided tape, this will help you save much time on install car light strips. That way, you can easily and quickly install them in your car’s any place you need them to go. Thus, if the lights enable you to control with a remote or app is convenient.

Illuminate the interior of your car with these car interior lights

Most people desire to customize their car’s interior according to their requirements. We list a few great LED lights for your car’s interior. Whether you want a romantic, relaxing ambiance or like a KTV, you’re in the right place!

Car interior lights strips

car interior led lights

LED car interior strip lights. This is about one set of decoration lights, including 4 lights one cigarette lighter or USB, and one remote control. Simple design for you a beautiful, exotic, and romantic interior. Wireless IR control, change the color as you wish.

USB Star Lights for Car Roof

blue purple light

If you are looking for that romantic car galaxy projector light and don’t wish the tedious installation, this USB star light for the car headliner is a good option. The star light for car roof with wonderful lighting effect. In addition, the car roof star lights are very easy to install. With a USB socket with 5V voltage, plug the USB socket into your car’s USB connector.

How to install car interior lights

How do you install LED lights inside a car? This article only talks about the general installation and does not show how to replace your specific car lights.

It is helpful to decide where you need to add car lights strips, which determines how many lights you will need. And then determine the methods of install. The simplest way is using double-sided tape. Once you get all the tools and materials you prepare for installation, start your customize projects now.

1. Plug in the plug, turn on the switch and try the light with the remote control;

2. Tear off the protective film of double-sided adhesive tape;

3. Stick a short line light strip at the foot of the front row and a long line light strip under the front seat;

4. The wire is hidden under the foot pad and plugged into the gap, and the installation is completed.

Is interior car lighting Illegal?

If the interior car lights flash, they are illegal. However, if you only use the LED light strips for the illumination inside your car, they are not illegal. While the led lights are flashing fast, that will disturb other drivers. Not only that, but the flashing lights also disturb your driving skills. This is very dangerous and may lead to traffic accidents. That’s why strobe lights are illegal.

Final Thoughts

Maybe you have been fed up with staying in your dark car. You are obliged to improve the ambiance lighting of your car’s interior. Or you want to customize car interior lights to upgrade the look of car’s interior. Installing LED car interior lights is the top way to achieve your goals.

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