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The Bluetooth transmitter for car with dual USB ports allows you to charge 2 phones same time. The device has a powerful compatibility capacity. It is compatible with most digital products, such as iPhone, tablet, mp3, car camera, digital camera, etc.


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  • The dual USB port is designed for the item, and one is QC3.0. The other is ordinary. QC3.0 improved 80% faster charger speed than ordinary port.
  • Hand-free call, when you are receiving a call, you need not hand the phone close to your ear. The built-in microphone can sense your sound then transmit it to the phone.
  • Battery voltage detection, the car battery voltage will display on the device after starting your car. The alarm will warn you if the voltage is under 12v.
  • When you are receiving a call, one key to answer the call. Press the button once to receive. If you want to dial the last phone number, press the button twice. The operation is easy and convenient.
  • Tune the device’s FM frequency similar to the car FM frequency. The song on the disk is being transmitted to the car speaker: support MP3 and WMA format file.

How To Use The Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter?

1.Start you car and set a blank frequency WITHOUT any show on your car radio

2.Insert the device into your car cigarette light, and set the same frequency as your car radio

3.Turn on bluetooth of your phone and search the device named”C57″ to connect it

4.Now you can listen music from your phone app or U Disk, make hands-free call, navigate and charge your electronic devices.


1.Voltage: 12-24V

2.Frequency Range:87.5-108MHZ

3.Bluetooth Version:V5.0

4.Product Size:Φ33.7*80.0mm

5.Product Weight:37g(NW)/73(GW)


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    Good and convenient

    Cannot wait to open when arrived. Easy to install in my car, hold the button and wait for 3 seconds, it connected to my phone and car radio. Finally, I can play music with car radios without using my Bluetooth Speaker. (Yeah, my car is old and cannot connect Bluetooth directly. ). The only problem I see so far is it has some light noise, like when tunning the radio there always some noise if not totally covered with good signal. Considering the price, I could say the product is fair. Not fancy but workable and could bring more joy while driving.

    March 12, 2022
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    Perfect for cars with no aux or Bluetooth

    I’ve had the product for a few days now. I love it. Sounds great, perfect size and super easy to set up. Shipped and arrived sooner. Remember to find a station that has no static.

    February 13, 2022
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    It's excellent, but there's a few caveats

    – Once configured and connected, the sound quality and ease of use are excellent. The device name isn’t obvious, but once connected the first time, it will continue to connect automatically when the car is on.
    – The device is built very well. It doesn’t feel cheap, and in fact, it has a decent weight to it. The materials feel premium.
    – Playing music from your phone through your car speakers on this thing is where it really shines. The connection is strong and the sound quality leaves very little to be desired.

    – Depending on the location of the outlets in your car, the microphone quality can go from good to terrible. We tried this out in my wife’s Toyota Yaris where the outlet is located under the stereo controls, about parallel with the driver’s thigh. This made the microphone sound a bit muffled when having a conversation.
    – The sound quality is entirely dependent on the placement of the outlets in your car. Before purchasing, make sure it’s in an open area somewhat close to your mouth, otherwise, it won’t work as intended.

    Despite the obvious drawbacks when it comes to microphone placement, this thing serves as an excellent way to play music through your car stereo. Once you find a radio station that’s broadcast-free, it’s as easy as setting it as a preset, starting music on your phone, and listening to your heart’s content. The sound quality is very good!

    February 12, 2022
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    It connects every time the car is turned on, that’s good.
    installation and set up was just difficult on this particular car with the cigarette lighter in a hard to reach area, so using the buttons to clear out the station was just a bit difficult, otherwise after that i don’t need to mess with it anymore.
    I’d buy other ones if it wasn’t so portable so i don’t need 10 of them for every car.
    price is good and it works as it should, not sure why others are having so much issues with them or giving this thing a low rating. you do you

    January 31, 2022
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    I’ve used a ton of these. This one has a very good sound quality. Also the low profile is nice because my kids always kick the ones that stick out.

    January 30, 2022

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