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The Bluetooth transmitter for car with dual USB ports allows you to charge 2 phones same time. The device has a powerful compatibility capacity. It is compatible with most digital products, such as iPhone, tablet, mp3, car camera, digital camera, etc.


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  • The dual USB port is designed for the item, and one is QC3.0. The other is ordinary. QC3.0 improved 80% faster charger speed than ordinary port.
  • Hand-free call, when you are receiving a call, you need not hand the phone close to your ear. The built-in microphone can sense your sound then transmit it to the phone.
  • Battery voltage detection, the car battery voltage will display on the device after starting your car. The alarm will warn you if the voltage is under 12v.
  • When you are receiving a call, one key to answer the call. Press the button once to receive. If you want to dial the last phone number, press the button twice. The operation is easy and convenient.
  • Tune the device’s FM frequency similar to the car FM frequency. The song on the disk is being transmitted to the car speaker: support MP3 and WMA format file.

How To Use The Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter?

1.Start you car and set a blank frequency WITHOUT any show on your car radio

2.Insert the device into your car cigarette light, and set the same frequency as your car radio

3.Turn on bluetooth of your phone and search the device named”C57″ to connect it

4.Now you can listen music from your phone app or U Disk, make hands-free call, navigate and charge your electronic devices.


1.Voltage: 12-24V

2.Frequency Range:87.5-108MHZ

3.Bluetooth Version:V5.0

4.Product Size:Φ33.7*80.0mm

5.Product Weight:37g(NW)/73(GW)


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    This is the best FM transmitter I have ever owned! I have used several other FM transmitters in the past and the most common problem I’ve had is a very annoying whistling noise that increases in pitch and intensity as you accelerate the vehicle, similar to constant cell phone interference through your car radio. This transmitter has not had that noise issue at all! It’s definitely the best one I’ve ever used. The sound is very clear, no drop outs, and no noise interference issues. It stays on the station that you have it connected to every time you get in and crank it up. I highly recommend to anyone that wants to hear music from a Bluetooth device and doesn’t have a plug for it on their radio.

    June 27, 2022
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    I don’t write many reviews on products but I felt compelled right when on this product I’ve owned about five different kinds of fm transmitter for car this one by far is the best one I’ve ever owned it was easy to install it was even easier to get it to connect to my cell phone the sound is amazing no static no feedback works fantastic on the telephone side of it the speakerphone on this device is amazing people can hear every word no one complains they can’t hear me and only paid $24.99 for it this is a device that you don’t have an updated vehicle with a Bluetooth and you want to add Bluetooth to your vehicle this is the device you want to purchase by far a superior product I hope this review helps somebody out there make a final decision and purchasing this product as I have no regrets in purchasing mine….

    May 25, 2022
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    I connected the Bluetooth transmitter to my Audi a6, and the sound quality is superb. When paired, it remembers, and auto connects when you are close to the car. Also tested the phone quality, and it works great. Of course, the placement of the device is key, cause any obstructions will disrupt the call quality. Tuning on the BT was tricky cause I hadn’t read the manual, but you hold down the talk button for 3 seconds, and the BT letters will blink and be paired.
    It’s a great Bluetooth FM transmitter, the only unknown is how long it will last, but by the device’s build, i feel it will stay a while.
    Connection to the mobile device is simple and easy to scan and find.

    April 9, 2022
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    It's excellent, but there's a few caveats

    – Once configured and connected, the sound quality and ease of use are excellent. The device name isn’t obvious, but once connected the first time, it will continue to connect automatically when the car is on.
    – The device is built very well. It doesn’t feel cheap, and in fact, it has a decent weight to it. The materials feel premium.
    – Playing music from your phone through your car speakers on this thing is where it really shines. The connection is strong and the sound quality leaves very little to be desired.

    – Depending on the location of the outlets in your car, the microphone quality can go from good to terrible. We tried this out in my wife’s Toyota Yaris where the outlet is located under the stereo controls, about parallel with the driver’s thigh. This made the microphone sound a bit muffled when having a conversation.
    – The sound quality is entirely dependent on the placement of the outlets in your car. Before purchasing, make sure it’s in an open area somewhat close to your mouth, otherwise, it won’t work as intended.

    Despite the obvious drawbacks when it comes to microphone placement, this thing serves as an excellent way to play music through your car stereo. Once you find a radio station that’s broadcast-free, it’s as easy as setting it as a preset, starting music on your phone, and listening to your heart’s content. The sound quality is very good!

    February 12, 2022
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    I’ve purchased two of these for two different vehicles where I do not have infotainment systems supporting bluetooth, and I am using them with both an iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. They work reasonably well. Phones connect up with no issue and as long as you select an FM frequency with no other stations on the same frequency or close to it then you’ll get clear audio or reasonable quality. Doing hands free calling using it works good too in this case.

    In the local area it’s set and forget. If you are traveling, say across the state, then you might have to change frequencies if you reach an area where you start having interference with sources coming into range on or near the same frequency. But, not a big deal and not a frequent situation for me.

    I’ve also used the orange, USB charging port to connect a smart phone wireless car mount unit – vent mounted – in both vehicles. This works well allowing me to dock the phone on the dash – at a reasonable eye level – and keep the phone charged up while using navigation apps and such.

    If you need to add bluetooth audio ability to an older vehicle or newer one without infotainment bluetooth support built-in then this works well enough for the price and I can recommend it.

    January 24, 2022

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