Car Bluetooth Transmitter with Screen

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The car Bluetooth FM transmitter with a 1.8″ large screen can work with many devices, such as iPhones, iPad, and smartphones. Support TF/ Micro SD card in FAT format up to 32G; Support MP3/ WMA format; Also support AUX output.

  • 350° adjustable gooseneck. More flexible gooseneck to fit different viewing angles.
  • Dual USB output, support charging 2 devices at the same time, support QC3.0 quick charge.
  • 5 WQ modes, press the M button to select your favorite EQ modes.
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car bluetooth transmitter

*FM frequency range: 87.5-108.0MHz
*Frequency stability:±10ppml
*Product input: 12-24V
*USB1 charger output: 5V/2.4A(Max)
*USB2 quick charger:5V/2A 9V/1.5A 12V/1.2A
*Music format: MP3,WMA
*Support Micro SD Card and USB flash disk(Max capacity): 32GB

*Support AUX audio input music playing
*FM operating distance: about 5M

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    Works like a charm and easy to install. As we planned a long, driving vacation in our “pre-electronic” 2006 Escape, I was delighted to find this transmitter and give it a try. We live in a the Detroit area so finding a blank FM station to transmit through was a challenge but we found a reliable one (87.7) that has served us well even passing through the Chicago area during our trip. This allowed us to listen to podcasts, music and audiobooks and make and receive calls through our iPhones. Worked brilliantly! Very easy to use. We love the ‘gooseneck’ feature that allows us the swivel the device and the two USB connectors to plug in other devices while the transmitter is being used. As I write this, we’ve had it for five months and use it regularly including the summer trip out west and back (4,000 miles round trip). Able to listen to downloaded content on our phones even when we had not cellular connectivity. Highly recommended.

    August 29, 2022
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    I have used several Blutetooth FM Transmitters and this one is the best. The original one I received worked perfectly but after a few weeks the connecter fitting in the cigarette lighter adapter would lose contact when I hit a bump in the road and I noticed that the center contact did not spring in and out normally. I contacted the seller through Amazon and immediately received a replacement. As I said, I have used several similar products and this one has outshined the rest. It seems to have a more powerful transmitter and I do not get as much feedback when the radio station gets a little stronger (I live in a busy city with few FM channels of opportunity). Further, the display is very readable and not at all too bright, even at night. The controls are all large enough to use – even with fat fingers. It always pairs immediately and the setup was more painless than most. I do not use the product to make phone calls so cannot comment on that feature. I think its good value and good construction. I will be buying another for my other car.

    May 25, 2022
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    I had been using a handsfree bluetooth device that I’ve had for a long time and now requires constant charging. So rather that go the rechargeable route this time, I decided to try one of these things.

    It has been great so far, I plug it into my 3 port cigarette lighter expander and it sit just above my phone, which is in a holder horizontally. I use it not only for making and receiving calls, but also now I can stream Spotify/SiriusXM(saves me from having to pay a monthly fee for another SiriusXM unit) and other music from my phone into my car speakers. I use a direct connect into my AUX port for the better sound quality.

    The calls sound great on my end and the person on the other end says I sound pretty good, maybe better than my old unit.

    Only real negatives are the buttons are too big and are easy to accidentally press. The IO port is also quirky. Since it does input and output, if you use it for outputting sound to your car’s AUX port, the connection must be there when it is powered on. It will then recognize it as an output port. However, if it’s connected AFTER the unit has already been powered on, the port will think the connection is for INPUT not output.

    Stream music from your phone to your car speakers
    Great sound
    Make and Receive calls through your car speakers
    No more charging my hands free device all the time. It it powered by the car power.

    Buttons are actually too big and are easy to accidentally press.
    Quirky IO port makes for a quirky AUX connection(must be connected at power on)
    Wish there was a way to turn the guy’s voice off that says “Waiting for Pairing” and just have a beep.

    March 18, 2022
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    Great sound quality! And the Bluetooth reconnects flawlessly to the phone every time I start the car with no hassle. The volume control is useless–everyone’s radio already has a volume control! Why is that considered an important rating factor?

    But minus one star for fairly poor noise cancellation. Pretty much impossible to have a phone conversation at freeway speeds, and barely possible at 30-40mph. I can hear them fine but they can’t hear me even when I’m using my outside voice.

    I love it for streaming music or playing mp3s, sounds great! But you pretty much have to turn it off if listening to a radio station. The FM transmitter bleeds across pretty much he whole FM band and puts static on all but the strongest stations. Turning it off is not intuitive, see instructions sheet.

    A cool feature would be a way to display battery voltage on demand instead of only during startup.

    November 10, 2021

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