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The 12v electric oil pump is very easy to use and makes a top-down oil change so easy. Pumps oil out throw dip stick, no need to lay under your car. Ideal small electric oil pump for quick and clean oil-changes. The oil will simply draw out the motor through the oil dipstick bore. Simple On/Off Power Switch, easy to use. Great for a quick oil change.

  • Automotive electric oil pump used in motorcycles, caravans, cars, quads, industrial/ medical/ chemical equipment, water purification &treatment equipment, vehicle cleaning, agricultural spraying, etc.
  • Fuel Pump is suitable for pump engine oil, crude oil, heating oil, water and other non-corrosive liquids.
  • With handheld pump of Rotary Barrel Pump, more easily and safely to clean oil-changes. Built-in bypass valve and filter, easily accessible for cleaning oil pump.
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This small electric oil pump is easy to pump various fluids and oils. You just need to place the inlet/outlet hoses at the appropriate positions, connect the power clamps to the car battery and press the button. This process is very simple and you can often do it by yourself to ensure your engine runs smoothly.


  • The electric oil transfer pump can make oil simply drawing out the motor through the oil dipstick bore. Fluid Pump works by connecting the clamps to the car battery.
  • It works great for pumping engine oil, crude oil and heating oil.
  • About the installation, you just need to place the inlet and outlet hoses at the appropriate positions, connect the power clamps to the car battery and press the button.
  • This process is very simple and you can often do it by yourself to ensure your engine runs smoothly.

The oil transfer pump is NOT suitable for gasoline/petrol. Do not use this fluid oil change pump to extract water, gearbox oil or easy flammable liquids (fuel, petrol etc). Suitable for extracting oil, diesel etc from a vehicle, (never use for petrol), greatly to help your oil-cleaning task, saving time.

Pump Dimensions: 18 x 13 x 8.5cm
Inner Material: Copper motor
Outside Material: Plastic + Aluminium
Input Voltage: DC 12V
Wattage: 60W
Current: 5A
Work Sound: 70 dB
Maximum Flow Rate: 1.5 L/min,
Maximum Delivery Height: 2.3 ft.

Pumping Speed:
Motor Oil (40-60 degrees) Flow Rate: approx. 1L / min
Crude Oil Flow Rate: approx. 250L / Hour
Inlet Hose Length: approx. 155cm/61inch
Inlet Hose Outer Diameter: 6mm/0.236 inch
Inlet Hose Inner Diameter: 4mm/0.157 inch
Outlet Hose Length: approx. 124.5cm/49 inch
Outlet Hose Outer diameter: 12mm/0.472 inch
Outlet Hose Inner Diameter: 10mm/0.39 inch
Line Length: approx. 71cm/28 inch

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    This pump sucked the oil right out of my car’s crank case like nobodies business. Took just 2 or 3 minutes to drain the oil. A big caution: the oil has to be in a certain temperature range to be in the correct viscosity range for the pump to suck up the oil. I started with an engine that was too hot, so got nothing out. Once it cooled for about an hour, all was well. I have yet to try it with a cold engine.

    September 12, 2022
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    We used this pump the day it arrived. We changed the oil in my son’s 2019 VW Alltrack. This vehicle requires removal of a skid plate to drain the oil from below. This pump saved us a bunch of trouble, since we could change the oil and the filter from above the engine. We extracted 5.5 liters of “warm” oil out of the engine in about 5 minutes. The pump worked perfectly, with no issues at all. The biggest tip is to make sure the engine oil is warm before pumping.

    July 15, 2022
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    I purchased this pump to transfer about 9 quarts of fluid into the transmission from the fill hole underneath. Much better than hand-pumping all of those quarts of oil. I had to keep pumping on and off to let the transmission heat up to 40C and the fluid did not siphon back into the quart container after each time I shut the pump off. I’m not sure if there’s an internal check valve, but it held the fluid in the output line no problem.

    May 12, 2022
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    Purchased to drain oil from tractor and generator. To my surprise it worked well. Trick is to run the engine for a minute or two before attempting to remove the oil. This warms the oil a little causing it to flow much faster. I can’t say anything bad about my experience with this pump, I works as described and for the price it was a good deal.

    March 27, 2022
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    I’ve been using a hand pump for a long time to change the motor oil in my Mercedes…..Never again!! This gem worked amazing and took all of the effort out of the process. I’ve only used it once so I cant say anything about the durability of the pump, but for this price you can’t beat it! Once it starts sucking, it doesn’t take long to get all of the oil out of the pan. I’d say it was doing about a quart every 45 seconds.

    January 19, 2022

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