Portable Oil Transfer Pump Electric

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Everyone needs a portable oil transfer pump. It is easy to use. You only need to clamp the conductive clip on the motor, then turn on the switch to start to complete the oil pumping work smoothly and effectively.

  • The small oil transfer pump is except for engine oil and diesel, and the oil pump must not draw any flammable liquid or water to avoid accidents.
  • With a handheld pump of Rotary Barrel Pump, more easily and safely to clean oil-changes. Built-in bypass valve and filter, easily accessible for cleaning oil pump.
  • The electric oil transfer pump can make oil simply by drawing out the motor through the oil dipstick bore. The fluid pump works by connecting the clamps to the car battery.
  • Before use, be sure to heat the car engine to 104 ° F-140 ° F (40℃-60℃) for about 15 minutes to avoid clogging the oil pump due to oil solidification.
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The small electric fluid transfer pump suits motorcycles, caravans, cars, quads, industrial/ medical/ chemical equipment, water purification &treatment equipment, vehicle cleaning, agricultural spraying, etc. They are replacing the traditional oil change method and reducing the tedious workload.

Pump Dimensions: 18 x 13 x 8.5cm
Inner Material: Copper motor
Outside Material: Plastic + Aluminium
Input Voltage: DC 12V
Wattage: 60W
Current: 5-6A
Work Sound: 70 dB
Maximum Flow Rate: 4 L/min,
Maximum Delivery Height: 2.3 ft.
Package Included:
1 x Fuel Transfer Pump
1 x Outlet Hose
1 x Inlet Hose
2 x Hose Clips
2 x Battery Clips

Pumping Speed:
Motor Oil (40-60 degrees) Flow Rate: approx. 1L / min
Crude Oil Flow Rate: approx. 250L / Hour
Inlet Hose Length: approx. 120cm/61inch
Inlet Hose Outer Diameter: 6mm/0.236 inch
Inlet Hose Inner Diameter: 4mm/0.157 inch
Outlet Hose Length: approx. 124.5cm/49 inch
Outlet Hose Outer diameter: 12mm/0.472 inch
Outlet Hose Inner Diameter: 10mm/0.39 inch
Line Length: approx. 71cm/28 inch

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    I dreaded having to drain the transmission of my 2002 Buick. Using this extracor just took minutes to drain ALL five quarts of fluid. Directions are unusually easy to follow. I gave the extractor five stars in all areas. You can empty your transmission iwearing a tuxedo if you wish because not a drop of oil will end up anywhere but in the empty drain container.

    January 19, 2022

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